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A premier business banking consulting firm, McDermott Financial Solutions provides "best-in-class" services to:


McDermott Financial Solutions provides relationship-based, financial consulting services where our clients can receive independent guidance from a 35-year banking veteran. We develop a financial game plan that helps your company achieve its goals for growth and profitability.

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In this environment of banking regulations and economic uncertainty, your clients need an experienced, independent banker to help navigate the tight credit market. We can help your clients spot trends in their finances and identify solutions that allow them to reach maximum profitability.

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3 Things You Need to Know about Debt Restructuring

So, you took out a line of credit, but you forgot about the 30 day annual payout requirement on the line when you signed the commitment letter.  You don't have the cash to pay the line in full.  So, what's next?  Maybe you took out a term loan...Read more

Are you Under-banked? 3 Sources You Must Consider

Are you under-banked?  If so, you're not alone.  A recent article I read indicated that among CFO's, being under-banked has landed on the growing list of challenges most CFO's face.  Here's why: Read more

3 Ways to Manage Sales and Growth for Long Term Success

Have you ever had the experience where sales and growth were either happening way too fast or not fast enough?  The success of both requires management on the part of the owner and his or her management team.  The size of the business will determine...Read more

Bill has developed relationships with multiple banks to help businesses needing financing that have a compelling story and merit to their deal, but may be a bit challenging to get approved for one reason or another. He has a good feel for what “fits” at various institutions. In addition to Bill’s knowledge and experience, he also brings a genuine care and concern for the clients he works with, serving as a true trusted advisor."