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McDermott Financial Solutions provides relationship-based, financial consulting services where our clients can receive independent guidance from a 35-year banking veteran. We develop a financial game plan that helps your company achieve its goals for growth and profitability.

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In this environment of banking regulations and economic uncertainty, your clients need an experienced, independent banker to help navigate the tight credit market. We can help your clients spot trends in their finances and identify solutions that allow them to reach maximum profitability.

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Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014
In case you missed it here's  Part 1: What To Do When the Bank Says "No"  and Part 2: What Are Your Options When the Bank Says "No" You've been turned down by your bank for a line of credit.  You've evaluated your options.  Now...Read More
Tuesday, Nov 11, 2014
In case, you missed it here's Part 1: What To Do When the Bank Says "No" You've just been turned down by your bank for a line of credit.  What are your options?   I have a client who was unable to get a line of credit because his company...Read More
Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014
When the bank says "no" to your line of credit that could be the initial signal to you that your business may have a problem borrowing money.   I have a client who is experiencing cash flow issues .  She doesn't have a revenue problem, she...Read More

Bill is an expert in all aspects of commercial finance. In addition, he is a level headed out of the box thinker. These attributes have been particularly helpful through these challenging economic times and rapidly evolving credit markets. He has been a valuable addition to our team."